What is Without Main Lamp Lighting?

In recent years, modern minimalist, Nordic style, new Chinese style, and Japanese styles have been popular in interior design. Many people prefer black, white, and gray styles, light luxury styles, minimalist styles, and industrial styles. When creating a space’s lighting environment, many people opt for without main lamp lighting, which has become a new design trend in the past two years.

Traditional lighting design typically centers around a stylized decorative lamp to create the space’s ambiance, making it difficult to break away from the established design style. The concept without a main lamp is usually interpreted, as a lighting environment that does not use primary lamps such as chandeliers or ceiling lamps, but instead relies on auxiliary light sources, such as embedded spotlights, projectors, and linear lights, to achieve the desired.

No Main Light Design

In reality, without main lamp lighting design has two additional meanings beyond its basic literal interpretation:

  • There are ceiling-mounted or suspension lighting fixtures, but they are only used for decorative purposes and are not equipped with light sources. They also rely on auxiliary light sources to provide illumination. This is common in a high-ceilinged duplex or single-story halls, stairwells, and living rooms.
  • There is a main light, which is also equipped with a light source and can be turned on, but the brightness is low and insufficient to support the functional lighting of the entire space. It works with auxiliary light sources to create an ambient light environment. This is common in decorative lighting in spaces.

All of the above can be referred to as without main lamp lighting design, which must rely on primary and auxiliary lighting to create the lighting environment. Whether there is a main lamp or not is not a critical factor in lighting design. Canco believes that it is not appropriate to define without a main lamp solely based on the presence or absence of a primary lamp. Without main lamp lighting is a new and professional form of lighting expression that has evolved from the interior point, line, and surface lighting systems in the era of LED lighting.

Auxiliary Lights

The use of artificial lighting in human society has always changed with the development of artificial light source technology. Canco believes that the concept of without main lamp lighting has become increasingly accepted because the public’s demand for lighting environment quality continues to increase, and the demand for refined lighting functions continues to grow, with people seeking more comfortable and experiential spatial lighting environments. The unique design features of LED light source technology, such as small size, high efficiency, long life, intelligent controllability, and safety and reliability, have determined the design characteristics of ownerless lamp lighting.

The characteristics without main lamp lighting are as follows:

  • The advantage of without main lamp lighting is that it can dispense with complex suspended ceilings and decorative lamps, making the entire space appear clean and neat.
  • Without main lamp lighting emphasizes the quality of the lighting environment, focusing on creating a comfortable space through the sense of hierarchy, artistry, and quality of the light.
  • Without main lamp lighting design can use a variety of functional lighting zones to create a light and shadow interplay that echoes with the space, inspiring limitless imagination in people.

From the trend of development, the design without a main lamp will increasingly meet the aesthetic needs of modern people. Canco believes that it is whether using a main lamp or without a main lamp, it is only a lighting technique, the ultimate goal is to create a healthy and comfortable spatial lighting environment and atmosphere with the use of lighting. In Canco Lighting, we have a professional team familiar with environment lighting creation, These make sure we can help you to finish architectural lighting design, and create a suitable environment for space.

Canco Lighting Team


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