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Why Should We Choose UL Certified Products?

In today’s market, the availability of LED lighting fixtures is expanding rapidly, with increasingly sophisticated features. “Retro, simple, and fashionable” lamps are more and more popular among people from all over the world, so it is crucial to prioritize safety when selecting these products. From a safety point of view, products should comply with relevant international and national standards. One certification that guarantees safety and quality is UL certification. Today, Canco will share with you what UL certification is.

1. What is UL Certification?

UL, which stands for Underwriter Laboratories Inc., is the most authoritative in the United States and a relatively large non-governmental organization engaged in safety testing and appraisal in the world. As an independent and non-profit organization, UL conducts comprehensive scientific tests to determine the level of harm or hazard posed by various materials, devices, products, equipment, and buildings. UL also establishes, writes, and publishes corresponding standards and provides information to help reduce and prevent losses to life and property. They also conduct field research.

In short, UL is mainly engaged in product safety certification and business safety certification business. Its ultimate goal is to obtain products with a considerable level of safety for the market and contribute to the guarantee of personal health and property safety. As far as product safety certification is an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL also plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade.

2. The Three Modes of UL Certification:

Listing: This certification mode applies to complete products, representing formal product certification. UL lists the certified products in its product directory, providing consumers with easy access to verified products.

Approbate: This mode is primarily used for components or non-finished products. In certain cases, recognition can be obtained without subjecting the product to rigorous testing. It is important to note that UL does not necessarily fully recognize components that have been UL-recognized when it comes to whole product certification. For example, some UL-certified switches and fuses.

Classification: This certification mode is commonly employed for building materials or industrial instruments. It ensures that these products meet specific safety standards and regulations within their respective domains.

3. UL Certification Mark

The UL certification mark is divided into conforming to the American standard “US”, conforming to the Canadian standard “C”, and conforming to the standards of both countries “C”, and “US”.

UL Certification Mark

4. The Significance of UL Certification

By choosing UL-certified products, consumers can enjoy several benefits:

  • Safety Assurance: UL certification ensures that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets stringent safety standards.
  • Compliance with Standards: UL-certified products comply with both international and national safety standards. This compliance is crucial for businesses and individuals alike, ensuring that they meet regulatory requirements.
  • Quality and Reliability: UL certification is an indicator of the product’s quality and reliability. It signifies that the product has been thoroughly evaluated for performance, durability, and safety.
  • Mitigating Trade Barriers: UL certification serves as an effective means to eliminate technical trade barriers and facilitate international trade. It helps exporters demonstrate their product’s safety and gain market access in different countries.

If you happen to have plans to purchase New Lighting Fixtures, it is very important to choose products that meet relevant international and national standards. Canco Lighting is a trusted service provider specializing in Commercial Lighting and Residential Lighting solutions. Most of our LED lighting products have obtained UL certification, as well as ETL and CE certification, committed to providing high-quality products and practical lighting solutions. Feel free to Contact Us with any of your lighting needs.


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