Perfect Ending to the 2023 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition!

The 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition) came to a successful conclusion from June 9th to 12th, 2023. We would like to express our gratitude to all our new and old friends who visited and guided us at the CANCO Pavilion. We also extend our thanks to every customer for their trust and support. Although the exhibition lasted only three and a half days, our enthusiasm remains unwavering. The entire staff at CANCO provided professional, sincere, and enthusiastic service to every one of you, and we look forward to meeting you again!

1. CANCO Pavilion Display

The Guangya Exhibition in Guangzhou was full of highlights, with better preparations and a more impressive pavilion. Months before the exhibition started, CANCO began its busy preparations. From booth applications, pavilion design, production, and testing of samples, to the selection and training of participants, we aimed to provide a better experience for every customer.

CANCO Pavilion
CANCO Pavilion
CANCO Pavilion

2. Display of Lighting Products at the Guangya Exhibition

Compared to previous years, CANCO showcased new products, new technologies, and evergreen classic products to our customers. After years of continuous research and improvement, our product range has become more diverse and enriched.

Canco Product Display
Canco Product Display

3. Interaction with New and Existing Customers at the Guangya Exhibition in Guangzhou

At the Guangya Exhibition in Guangzhou, we had the pleasure of engaging with both new and existing customers. We introduced our diverse range of lighting solutions to new customers while reaffirming our commitment to existing ones. We value the feedback and partnerships that emerged from these interactions and look forward to future collaborations.

Customer Exhibition Exchange
Happy Customer Photo

The 2023 Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has come to a successful conclusion, but we believe that the end of the show is just our beginning. However, we believe that the end of the exhibition is only the beginning for us. We are committed to the present and optimistic about the future. CANCO LIGHTING will always remember its original intention, forge ahead, and continue to develop and innovate more high-quality commercial and residential LED lighting fixtures. We look forward to seeing you again next time!



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