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3 Minutes to Understand Office Lighting - Reasonable Lighting Design is Necessary!

In today’s article, we will explore the importance of office lighting and some basic lighting design recommendations.

For most office workers, the vast majority of their time is spent in the office. At this place where dreams take off, you work diligently and responsibly to complete your tasks, but often get overwhelmed by sudden fatigue and drowsiness.

Linear Pendant Light Fixture

When fatigue strikes, drinking one cup of coffee after another doesn’t seem to help and many people wonder why they feel tired when they haven’t stayed up late or lost sleep. Have you ever thought that the culprit behind these problems is likely to be the lighting?

Appropriate and reasonable lighting is one of the keys to improving employees’ work comfort and efficiency. Many people believe that office lighting is the simplest lighting design and that it doesn’t need to consider atmosphere rendering, as long as it can illuminate the space. However, this is not the case.

Data shows that more than 70% of people work in the office for more than 6 hours a day, and good office lighting can not only make the office more beautiful but also directly affect employees’ work efficiency. Adequate lighting can make employees feel more comfortable, reduce error rates, and alleviate eye fatigue, making lighting particularly important.

So, how can we design office lighting that makes employees feel comfortable? This is a big challenge that is troubling many people.

Some people say, “I know the importance of office lighting, but when it comes to buying lamps for the office, there are still ten thousand questions popping up”:

Should we use particularly bright or normally bright lights in the office area?

Should we install recessed or spotlights in the corridor?

Should we only consider the shape in the lounge area?

My requirements for office lighting are practical, energy-saving, beautiful, and, if necessary, creating an atmosphere with colleagues. Why is it so difficult? What should I choose?

Don’t worry, let’s learn some basic knowledge about office lighting and some basic lighting design recommendations.

1.Use natural light

At the beginning of lighting design, try to use natural light as much as possible, because the human eye has evolved over millions of years, and it is most adaptable to natural light. Different light colors create different atmospheres, and the closer the light color is to natural light, the better. Combining artificial lighting with natural daylight can create a comfortable lighting environment.

Led Recessed Strip Light

2.Suitable illuminance

Illuminance refers to the amount of visible light flux received per unit area of the illuminated object, measured in lux (lx). National regulations stipulate that the illuminance in the office area should not be less than 300lx.

Black Linear Pendant Light

3.Prevent glare

Preventing glare is a crucial step. Glare is one of the enemies of office workers, and it can cause great harm to employees. It can cause eye strain, headaches, and even affect their work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid glare when designing lighting.

Recessed Linear Light

4.Understanding Lighting Categories

Lighting properties are basically divided into three categories:

1)Basic lighting: This refers to a type of lighting where the light is evenly distributed in a space, meeting basic usage needs (usually the lighting fixtures in a general office area).

2)Localized lighting: This meets specific functional requirements, serving as a supplement to basic lighting. Examples include desk lamps in work areas and floor lamps in leisure areas.

3)Ambience lighting: This can be seen as an upgrade based on the first two lighting properties. It is like focusing on good food and clothing after having enough to eat and wear. It is mainly used to adjust the atmosphere (usually used more in leisure areas).

In conclusion, reasonable lighting design is necessary for office lighting, and it can significantly improve employees’ work efficiency and comfort. In Canco Lighting, we have a professional team familiar with environment lighting creation, These make sure we can help you to finish reasonable lighting design is necessary for office lighting, and create a suitable environment for space.

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