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A New connect method for large circle pendant light posted by Canco Lighting

As is known to all, large circle pendant light has huge application in office, hotel, GYM, supermarket or restaurants, it is one kind lighting with a functional and nice shape to help people enjoy life.

The standard size of the circle pendant light is 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, for these sizes they are all in one profile, so no need to connect when workers install lighting.

If the diameter size is more than 1.2meter, such as 1.5m, 2.4m, 3m, 4m, 5m, the best solution is to use an aluminum profile to make whole set large round pendant light, compare to iron or stainless steel, aluminum profile is harder and long-lasting.

So how do connect each section when workers install large round circle pendant light? The most common way is using 2pcs of stainless steel slip, plugin aluminum profile and locks them with screw, it is no easy to connect and often leads to light leak, feedback from install workers, they always waste lots of time to install a diameter 2.4m large circle pendant light.

Is there any smarter connect method for a large circle pendant light? This can help installation workers save time, the answer are yes. After a check with many lighting designers, Canco lighting post a new connect method for a large circle pendant lights in Jan of 2021.

Connector for circle light

Large Circle Pendant Light

This new connection system is composed of a male and a female die-casting aluminum connector, they weld together with the aluminum profile before powder coated. After buyers received the large circle pendant light, they just need to push the male connector into the female connector, lock the back top aluminum plate, done! Very simple and easy, we call it Chimp connection system, which means Chimp can finish installation too.

Large Round Pendant Light

The advantage of this new connection system is:

  1. Connector for circle light is easy installation
  2. Can 100% avoid light leak from the inside of the aluminum profile
  3. Since the end part is die-casting aluminum, so don’t need to worry about collision in installation.

See below photos after installation.

Large Round Pendant Light

We also collect some questions from buyers which they worry about for this large circle pendant light:

1.Is the male or female connector easily broken?

The answer is not, since we weld them to aluminum profile from inside, tight enough.

2.Can this large circle pendant light can be surface mounted after use this connection system?

The answer is yes; use this new connection system, also support surface mounted.

3.Is there any MOQ for a large round pendant light?

No, we support our buyers can buy 1-3 sets as a start.

4.If there are some dark areas indirect light after use this connection system?

No, our precise design avoids this happen, for direct light, all rings are bright enough, not any dark area.

5.We see there is one additional thin slice on the surface of connecting part, maybe the end buyer doesn’t like this?

For this thin slice, our idea is if a light diameter of more than 1.5m, means it will not hanging in a low office or apartment, it will be hanging at about 3-5m height, from this height, people cannot see this thin slice.

6.If we can request electrical plating color on the aluminum surface after use this connect method?

Yes, we can support with brush golden color by electrical plating on surface.

7.From your catalog, the aluminum profile for this connection system is width 60mm, height 68mm, if we request a different size, how to do it?

For this connection system, is the standard size is 60x68mm, 68mm height is fixed if you only expand width, like change 60mm to 70mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, then this connection system also can support, but if height 68mm change, this connection system can not support.

8.If we buy a 10pcs diameter 2.4m large round pendant light, what is the lead time?

Normally we need 25 days to finish an order.

9.Do you have a patent for this connection system?

Yes, we already apply a patent for this, you can use it safely.

New connect method for large circle pendant light

Thanks to the support of maxofei team. If you interest in this new connection system, welcome to click here to see our halo series CC6068, which mainly uses this connection system.


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