Finding the Most Comfortable CCT for Your Lighting Needs!

In the refinement of the lighting design program, often use different lamps and lanterns to match, that is because different lights give people a different feeling, the wrong lighting will make people depressed depression, to this Canao Lighting has to mention a very key term “CCT”.

1. What is CCT?

CCT is a description of the object temperature changes, the color will also change accordingly to the phenomenon of Kelvin (K) as the unit of calculation of color temperature, can be simply understood as “the color of light temperature change.”

2. The effect of CCT on people

Different CCT will create a different atmosphere, for example, warm colors can create a warm, romantic and comfortable atmosphere, while cold colors will make the picture show a cold and bleak feeling.

Light source CCT is different, the light color is also different.


Low CCT:CCT below 3300K, light color reddish to give a warm visual effect, a stable atmosphere, warm feeling.when using low CCT  light source irradiation, can make the red more vivid.

Neutral CCT:CCT in the middle of 3000 – 6000K, people in this hue without particularly obvious visual psychological effects, can bring a “rational” called “neutral” CCT. When the use of medium CCT light source irradiation, will make the blue with a sense of coolness.

High CCT:CCT of more than 6000K, light blue, giving people a sense of cool, when using high CCT light source irradiation, will make objects have a sense of cold.

Natural light:For example, the morning sunrise, CCT between 2000-3500K.Slowly approaching noon, CCT will reach 5000K-6500K or even higher.And by sunset in the evening, the value of CCT will drop to similar to the morning.

3. CCT and the environment with

Different scenes, the CCT requirements are also different:

Living room: the function of meeting guests is the main function of the living room, CCT should be controlled at about 4000 ~ 5000K (neutral white). If the CCT is too high, it is easy to look empty and cold space and the CCT is too low will increase the irritability of the guests,and CCT in 4000 ~ 5000K can make the living room both look bright, but also easy to create a quiet and elegant environment.

Bedroom: bedroom lighting requirements warm, private to achieve the emotional relaxation before going to sleep, so the warm light source is better. The CCT should be controlled at about 2700~3000K to achieve both lighting conditions and create a warm and romantic atmosphere. So most of Canco hanging circle light CCT is 3000 ~ 6000K, also very suitable for bedroom lighting.

Hanging Circle Light

Dining room: The dining room as an important eating area at home, a comfortable experience is very important. Dining room in the choice of lighting is best to choose warm tones, because psychologically speaking, in the warm tone of the light to eat more appetite. In the CCT is best to choose 3000 ~ 4000k (neutral light). This does not make the food too distorted, but also creates a warm dining atmosphere. For example, the use of Canco round chandeliers above the dining table can create an elegant and warm dining atmosphere.

Study: The study is a place to read, write or work, and needs a sense of tranquility and calmness so that people will not be restless in it. Can not use too warm lighting, which is easy to produce sleepy fatigue emotions, not conducive to concentration. But the study is also the need for a long time eye place, the CCT is too high also easy to cause visual fatigue. It is recommended that the CCT control in about 4000 ~ 5500K (neutral white), neither too warm nor too cold, so that people can quietly study and relax.

Kitchen: kitchen lighting to take into account the recognition, so the light to use can maintain the original color of vegetables, fruits, meat LED lamps is better. CCT control between 5500~6500K (positive white light), so that not only can make the dishes play appetizing colors, but also help cooks to have a higher discrimination when washing. When choosing local lighting in the cabinets, LED linear lights can also be used to illuminate the interior of the cabinets or drawers. It is important to ensure that the location of the light source minimizes glare and shadows to avoid accidents in the kitchen caused by poor visibility.

Bathroom: The bathroom is a particularly high use of our place, but also because of its special function, the light can not be too dark, or too distorted, to facilitate our observation of their physical condition, the recommended light CCT in 4000-4500K.

In fact, indoor lighting effects, in addition to the impact of CCT, but also by the color rendering, illumination and other factors, in order to achieve the desired effect, should be a comprehensive consideration of space requirements, design style, use of the pathway and other factors to the correct use of CCT. Canco lighting fixtures mostly CCT between 3000K ~ 6000K, can meet the needs of different spaces.We are provides various high quality modern round chandelier and linear pendant light fixture options, and please contact us for your lighting needs.


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