Modern Office Lighting Project in Barcelona, Spain

If a working office full with elegant circular lighting, will you work happier? This working office in Barcelona it is the one which make employee feel comfortable, about 800 square meters space, lighting with Halo series CC6068 LED Circular Light and CP6080 LED Linear Light.

Light Fixtures Office

We start this project from July of 2019 and finish install on August, it is just on-off by switch, no dimmable function, before design, we also consider use turntable led to change led CCT, which can change CCT during different working time, but the owner prefer to use 5000K led chip to make office more brighter, so we support them.

Welcome to contact Canco Lighting to help you finish your lighting design or re-decorative your office, home, we are always on the way.

Canco Modern Office Lighting


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