Do you know the 6 Application Standards of Linear Lighting Fixtures?

The use of linear lighting has become very common and widespread and can be seen almost everywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Linear light fixtures are not only stylish and easy to install, but also use simple and elegant lines to create various fashionable and minimalist shapes and light effects through creative design and free segmentation of space, highlighting the ultimate beauty of linear lighting.

1. What basic standards do you think a good linear lighting fixture should have?

A good linear lighting fixture should have 6 basic standards:

  • Image beauty – the appearance of individuality. The ultimate minimalist appearance, combined with non-standard personalized applications, should not only follow aesthetic trends but also demonstrate personal attitudes.
  • Super flexibility – splicing shapes. Short and long splicing can be freely combined, and ceiling – wall – floor – corner can be shuttled and installed at will to integrate with the environment.
  • Good function – professional light distribution. Basic floodlights, multi-angle spotlights, polarized wall washing, indirect reflection, anti-glare, and other functions can be achieved.
  • Humanized – suitable lighting. Energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, soft, low glare, high color rendering health lighting, and intelligent lighting according to needs.
  • Good experience – flexible installation. Modular splicing, quick plug wiring, and various installation and maintenance methods such as suspension mounted, surface mounted, and trimless recessed mounted are easy to install.
  • High quality – stable and reliable. The systematic application of the product is relatively complex, with a light source, power, and control components such as quality lasting, and reliable, reducing maintenance costs.
Office Linear Light

Canco linear luminaires provide customization services, and can be customized in different shapes and lengths in different architectural applications to meet individual and flexible applications.

2. In the Canco linear lighting product series, which is the main category? What are the differentiating advantages?

Canco main category is the Linear LED Light Fixture Dash Series LP6080. The elegant design includes a wide range of sizes for different project requirements and takes into account all possible installation methods in the project, such as suspension mounted, surface mounted, and trimless recessed mounted. We supply 5 years quality warranty, and a unique connection system makes it very easy for end customers to install and change LED drivers inside by themself, meet the professional lighting needs of interior main lighting and accent lighting.

Linear LED Light Fixture Dash Series LP6080

Some Advantages of the Dash LP6080 series:

  • Compact Design with elegant shade.
  • With Aluminum profile 6063-T5, more compact and stable.
  • Compare to Iron Housing, it will not get rust after 3-5 years of application.
  • Use constant current PCB, not LED strip light, light output more equal, higher efficiency.
  • Can be customized in length, available for different project requirements.
  • For different projects, we can supply full data sheets with IES files for Dialux calculation.
  • Full enough stock for Halo series components, Fast lead time, and well packaged.
  • Canco team always thinks about how to improve the technology of the Dash series, updated quickly for easy application.

More and more offices are choosing LED linear pendant lights because they expand the upper space of the office, making it modern and minimalist.


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