Minimalist LED Linear Light for Office Space

Good lighting is crucial for a productive and comfortable office environment. Meet the needs of employees for work, communication, thinking, meetings, etc., maintains unity and comfort between different areas, and improve employee work efficiency.

Simple office furnishings with minimalist LED linear lights perfectly match the rhythm of the modern office. Linear lights are more malleable than general light panels, with flexibility and ease of use in terms of splicing, shaping, and control, and can match different functional scenarios to showcase the different aesthetics of the office. Today, Canco shares some excellent office lighting cases to show the lighting characteristics of using LED linear lights in collective offices, independent offices, conference rooms, and small conference rooms.

  • Collective office
  • Independent office
  • Conference room
  • Small conference room

1. Collective office

As the largest area in the current office space, the collective office covers various functional departments of the company, including computer operations, writing, telephone communication, thinking, work communication, and meetings. Lighting design should be based on the principles of uniformity and comfort in combination with the above work behaviors. LED linear light can be used to create shapes in the collective office area, providing basic lighting functions while enhancing the beauty of the office.

LED Linear Light

2. Independent office

The space of an independent office is relatively small, recessed linear light is used, and other lamps and lanterns are used for local lighting as auxiliaries, to ensure that every part of the office has good lighting. The human-centered lighting concept of seeing light without lights is integrated with the low-key and calm decoration style.

Recessed Linear Light

3. Conference room

The conference room is a place for important decision-making meetings in the company, including meetings, training, negotiations, video observation, and visits. Lighting should be designed according to different purposes and combined with intelligent control for simple switching or mode selection, meeting the lighting requirements of different functional scenes. Combined with the ceiling decoration structure, LED linear pendant light or recessed linear light can be used.

Modern Linear Suspension Lighting

4. Small conference room

The light is abundant on the side of the small conference room near the window. Therefore, to strengthen the effect of light and shadow, to avoid the oppressive feeling brought by small space. You can choose a large luminous surface area, artificial lighting should be combined with natural light design to form a comfortable lighting environment, illumination, and lighting uniformity to achieve a balance, so that when employees sit in the conference room for a long time, it is not easy to visual fatigue, attention is easier to focus.

Circular Linear Light Fixtures
Circular Hanging Lights Square Series CX6068


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