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3 Common LED Lights Problems and Solutions!

LED lights are gradually dominating the lighting market due to their brightness, energy efficiency, and long lifespan. Generally speaking, LED lights are difficult to malfunction, but when they do, the problems usually fall into one of three categories: the light won’t turn on, the light becomes dim, or the light flickers after being turned off. Canco Lighting is a manufacturer specializing in the design of circular LED light fixture. Today, we will analyze and provide solutions for each problem.

1. The internal structure of an LED

There are two forms of LED lights: ceiling lights and light bulbs. Regardless of the form, the internal structure is the same, consisting of lamp beads and a driver. In addition to the main components, some LED lights may also include other accessories such as reflectors, diffusers, shades, etc. to meet different lighting needs and application scenarios.

1.1 Lamp beads

Open the shell of the ceiling lights or the white plastic part of the bulb, and you can see a circuit board covered with yellow rectangles inside. The yellow on this circuit board is the lamp beads. Lamp beads are the illuminant of LED lights, and their quantity determines the brightness of the LED lights.

1.2 Drivers

The driver for an LED light bulb is installed at the bottom and cannot be seen from the outside. The driver for a ceiling light is a black box that needs to be installed first when installing the light fixture. Drivers have constant current, voltage reduction, rectification, and filtering functions.

Round LED Ceiling Light

2. Solutions to LED Light Not Turning On

When the LED lights do not turn on, first ensure that the circuit is not the problem. If it is a new installation, use an electrical pen to measure or install an incandescent bulb to see if there is voltage in the circuit. After confirming that the circuit is not the problem, the following inspection can begin:

2.1 Driver Issues

When the light does not turn on, nine times out of ten it is a problem with the driver. The lamp bead has a high demand for current and voltage, and it cannot light up normally if the current or voltage is too high or too low. Therefore, the constant current driver and rectifier, voltage reducer, and other devices in the driver must be used to maintain the correct levels. If the lamp bead does not light up immediately after turning on the light, the driver is likely the problem. In this case, a new driver should be purchased and installed.

2.2 Lamp Bead Issues

The lamp bead in an LED light is arranged in series and parallel circuits. If a lamp bead burns out, the entire circuit will fail. If every series has one lamp bead burnt out, the driver’s capacitor or resistor may be the problem. The burnt-out lamp bead can be identified by a black circle in the center that cannot be removed. If only a few lamp beads are burnt out, use a soldering iron to connect the soldering feet behind the burnt-out bulbs. If too many lamp beads are burnt out, it is recommended to replace the lamp plate to avoid affecting the lighting brightness.

3. Solutions to Dim LED Lights

This problem is often related to the previous issue. Both dim and non-lit lights may be due to this problem.

4. Solutions to LED Lights Flickering After Turning Off

When the LED lights flicker after being turned off, the circuit must be checked. The most likely issue is the zero line controlled by the switch. To avoid danger, the correct method is to control the live wire with the switch and connect the neutral wire to the light. If the circuit is not the problem, then the driver may need to be replaced. The driver may be designed with an internal capacitor that stores current, which can lead to flickering after the light is turned off. In this case, the solution is to replace the driver.

We hope this article will help you better understand the correct way to deal with problems when using LED lights and improve the use and maintenance of LED lights. The LED circular fixtures manufactured by Canco provide a 3-5 years warranty, if a driver or LED chip is broken, we can send corresponding components to end customers to replace, all for free on the driver, LED PCB, and shipping cost. For more information about our services and products, please contact us at

Canco Lighting Circular Light design and manufacturing


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