2023 LED Lamps Maintenance Tips!

Choose LED lamps and lanterns, we are undoubtedly taking into account that it is more energy efficient, environmental protection, no strobe, but in the case of long-term use, LED lamps and lanterns also have wear and tear, coupled with some wrong operation, it is easy to damage the LED lamps and lanterns. Even the LED lamps and lanterns, but also need to be well maintained in order to play the maximum effectiveness and have a longer service life.

With the popularity of LED lamps and lanterns, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the use of LED lamps and lanterns maintenance issues.as a professional LED circular lights manufacturer, we also have a few tips and suggestions that can help you better maintain your modern LED lighting fixtures and extend their life and performance.

一、LED lamps and lanterns in what case is easy to damage?

1.Bad quality LED lamps and lanterns more often fail,Canco Lighting supply 5 years warranty for LED Circular Light,so when buying should be recognized as a quality assurance brand manufacturers to buy.

2.LED lamps and lanterns that are not used correctly according to the product instructions are prone to failure and hidden dangers.

3.When using, the current is too large than the rated current of the LED lamps and lanterns, will cause a part of the LED drive power supply components burned or be broken through and other dangers.

4.LED lamps and lanterns “water fog” problem, spike candle lights, bulbs, floodlights, etc. after a period of time after lighting the phenomenon of water beads, water fog on the inside of the outer cover. LED lamps and lanterns are generally assembled by several different materials, such as the heat dissipation part of the lamp cup for metal, lampshade for plastic, acrylic, etc.lamps and lanterns in the work will produce a certain amount of Heat, different materials have different coefficients of thermal expansion, after long-term use will produce gaps in the joints of different materials and into the air. when used in a relatively humid environment, the temperature inside and outside the lampshade is different, the gas heated inside the lampshade will be cold at the lampshade, if the gas contains more water vapor at this time, it will produce the phenomenon of water mist and water beads, continue to light up after a period of time, this phenomenon will disappear. Therefore, the humid environment is also a factor that affects the life of LED lamps.

二、The use of LED lamps laws and maintenance methods

1.When you install your LED lamps, make sure you follow the instructions in the product manual. Before installation, make sure you have safe electrical knowledge and that all power sources are disconnected. Please note that if your LED lamps is installed in a different way, such as pendant, surface mounted or recessed, please install it according to the appropriate mounting method.

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Pendant:circular pendant light
Led Circular Ceiling Light
Surface mounted:led circular ceiling light
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Recessed:led recessed strip light

2.When using the LED lamps and lanterns try not to switch frequently.although the number of times the LED lamps is resistant to switch is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, but too often will still affect the life of the internal electronic components.In addition, it is recommended that you use LED dimmers, which can help you adjust the intensity and color temperature of the lighting to better suit your needs.

3.During daily use, Don’t change the structure of the lamps and lanterns during cleaning and maintenance, and don’t change the parts of the lamps and lanterns at will. After maintenance, the lamps and lanterns should be installed as they are, and don’t miss or mis-install the parts of the lamps and lanterns.we recommend that you clean your LED lamps regularly, especially the lampshade. Use a soft cloth to wipe gently and do not use cleaners containing acid or alkaline substances. Also, please do not clean the LED lamps directly with water to avoid the risk of electrical failure or electric shock.

4.If you experience a problem with a faulty LED lamps, first make sure that the power is disconnected. If you are able to perform the repair, please first check the product manual for more information on LED lamps maintenance. If you can’t repair it by yourself, please contact our after-sales service team, we will provide professional technical support and repair service.

5.Finally, if you do not use the LED lamps for a long time, please remove the lamp and store it properly. When you need to use it again, please confirm the installation and usage instructions of the product again.

In short, proper installation, use and maintenance can help you extend the life and performance of your LED lamps, making your lighting more durable and reliable. We hope these tips and suggestions will help you better maintain and use your modern LED lighting fixtures!

The sales team of Canco Lighting is always here and waiting for any inquiry on lighting, thanks for your support.

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