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7 Tips on how to choose led circle hanging light before you purchase

LED circle hanging light has huge application in architectural building, many architects or designers have not enough experience on how to choose a correct circle hanging lights, so we post this article try to explain difference on different material circle hanging lights, if can help more friends know more about these lighting, that will be great!

1. Types of led circle hanging light

Along with economy development, people has higher demand on decorative lighting, it push designer or manufacturer post more research on new lighting technology.

Circle hanging light is one type of led lighting which mainly used in home, office or public civic area, it can extend to different shape, such as round, arc, linear, these advantage leads to circle hanging light has wide application in modern buildings.

From material different, circle hanging light can be assorted into:

Iron Housing circle hanging light

Stainless Housing Circle hanging light

Aluminum Housing Circle Hanging light

These 3 types material are main types in market, in some special projects, maybe can use copper or wooden material, but there are few, so we only talk about most common situation here.

2. What is advantage and disadvantage on these 3 type led circle hanging light?

2.1 For Iron housing:

Advantage: Cheap material cost, can buy raw material everywhere, so the finished products price are cheap than stainless steel or aluminum housing material.


Firstly, Easy get rust, may be someone said it can be powder coated, but after 1-2 yeas used in wet environment, iron housing hanging circle light also easy to get rust.

Secondly, Since iron housing light is with thin iron plate, so LED PCB cannot locked on the top of iron housing, if locked by screw, the end of screw can be seen at the back of iron housing, may be cut skin when installation, screw is also easy to get rust

Thirdly, for iron housing hanging led ring light, if diameter more than 1200mm (5’), iron housing is no easy to connect, very easy to lead light leak.

circle hanging light

2.2 For stainless Steel housing:

Advantage: The most advantage of stainless steel is electrical plating finished colors, they can be supply mirror chrome color, rose golden color, silver color, champagne gold color, bronze color, pure golden color, looks elegant and colorful design make life powerful.


Same as iron housing circle hanging light, when diameter more than 1200mm (5’), is no easy to connect, very easy to lead light leak.

Same as iron housing circle hanging light, LED PCB cannot lock on the top of iron housing, the only solution is use led strip light to stick inside of housing, and this way looks not professional on technology.

stainless circle hanging light

2.3 For Aluminum housing:


Compare to iron housing and stainless steel housing; extruded aluminum is thicker, so LED PCB can be locked inside of aluminum plate, this make whole circle hanging light higher standard;

Aluminum housing can be bending in different angle or arc shape, end customers can customized any shape they want to make a unique indoor space.

For diameter more than 1200mm (5’), extruded aluminum can design a compact structure for connector system, not easy to lead light leak, this is the powerful support on different projects, like some civic space, they need to hang a circle hanging light at height 5m or 10m, the only option is use aluminum housing.


Aluminum housing hanging led ring light, need to design and make extruded aluminum mould, it need about 15 days and some expense, so manufacturers have to prepare some common size extruded aluminum waiting for different projects requirement, but if any project, they have special crossing size requirement, they need to rework on extruded mould again, waste time and money.

Aluminum housing hanging led ring light, the second disadvantage is surface color, it can only support powder coated and very few electrical plating colors, like brush gold color, if want to make mirror chrome color or mirror golden color, stainless steel material is the best choice.

led circle hanging light

3. 7 tips help you to choose correct led circle hanging light

1). If you want to purchase a cheap circle hanging light, iron housing is your best choice.

2). If you want to purchase a colorful circle hanging light for your dining room, stainless steel material is first recommend, beautiful and price is on middle level.

3). If you want to purchase an elegant circle hanging light for your office, extruded aluminum housing is your best choice.

4). If you are a project company or architect, when you design architectural lighting for a big building, extruded aluminum housing hanging led ring light is your best choice, you can find a good manufacturer from China and customize exact dimension you need for your project.

5). If you have higher smart technology requirement, like WIFI, DALI, Mobile control system, then extruded aluminum housing is your ideal choice.

6). If you have demand on recessed or surface mounted requirement on hanging circle light, extruded aluminum housing is your ideal choice.

7). If you are seeking a long run hanging circle light, extruded aluminum housing is your ideal choice.

4. Lighting source in led circle hanging light

There are some types of lighting source in different circle hanging light:

1). The most common one is LED PCB with PC diffuser, this structure can supply 70-100lm/watt, based on different lighting design

2). The second one is LED strip light inside with PC diffuser; this structure can supply 50-80lm/watt, based on different strip light output system.

3). The third one is spot light with lens, this structure mainly used in Magnetic circle hanging light system; it is new design from year 2020.

Which lighting source is better? From opinion of Canco, we choose first one, LED PCB with PC diffuser, the system output of Canco hanging circle light is about 76lm-86lm/W now, higher system output upcoming.

5. Lighting design trend on large led circle hanging light

1). Use better connector system, how to better connect each sections is always a big question on circle hanging light manufacturers, for example diameter 2.4m ring light, some of them think out use better connector system, that is a big step to improve lighting installation, in Canco light, we also develop a new connector male and female connector system for large circle hanging light, you can click here to see detailed solution.

2). Lighting technology changing quickly in China, for circle hanging light, the newest design from year 2020 is Magnetic circle hanging system, use extruded aluminum, inside with conductive copper strip, use bending machine bend aluminum in circle shape, then work with modular lighting modules, end customers can choose lighting source as their wish, can choose flood light version, arc spot light version or hanging light version, creative a new lighting decorative indoor, see below photo for a reference:

circle hanging light supplier

6. Some highly recommend circle hanging light suppliers in the world.







The reason why we put Canco Lighting here is Canco always keep invest on how to make a higher quality circle hanging lights for customers, we are not big company, but we do much better quality compare to many big companies, one key advantage on lighting is better than most common lighting companies.


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