A Research on Interior Lighting Design in the Ambience of Modern Dining Space

The development of the economy has improved people’s living standards while people’s requirements for living conditions have gradually increased. In terms of dining, people not only have higher expectations but also have greater demands for the dining environment. Creating an ambience is an important part of a space, so different forms of lighting in the dining space can make the space become covered with a mysterious veil. Also, lighting influences the consumer’s state of mind.

This article posted by Canco Lighting, describes the interior lighting design to create a feeling in a dining space. As well the art of lighting in the dining space enhances the consumer’s physical and spiritual dining experience.

interior lighting design

Most of the interior lighting design of a space is the structure of the room, with the layout of the space is used to create a focal point. It is the combination of the materials used and the space, lighting as a design element in interior decoration, the light and shadow can achieve a very harmonious interior of a modern dining space. Different light fixtures and spacing achieve different effects in a dining and drinking establishment. With the different forms of lighting design a simple lighting environment, a functional lighting environment, or a recreational lighting environment can be created. Thus innovated lighting in a dining area improves the consumer’s experience.

1.Interior lighting design is integrated into the modern dining space

A commercial food or beverage establishment main purpose is to make a profit; the space sets the tone for the customers visually to put them at ease so they spend more money. The dining environment has the ability to grab the attention of potential customers and draw them in. Therefore lighting is an important means to create the atmosphere of an interior space, as it has a psychological effect on the customers. Different lighting environments designed to have a psychological impact is important in setting a mood in which increases sales.

The study of interior lighting design has become a top priority for designers in the design of dinning spaces. Therefore, lighting design has become the most important element in the design of a dinning space.

1.1 Principles of Interior Lighting Design for Dining Space

Dinning spaces focus on building a brand and brand recognition in order to turn a profit. With globalization the food industry has become more and more diversified, as now each culture can express their culinary expertise for consumers. As well as the different food and beverage companies that cater to a wide variety of diets.Thus giving birth to different types of restaurants from vegan to Vietnamese. Therefore the modern dining space is becoming more and more diversified, in which lighting plays an important role.

The use of lighting in the dining space not only highlights the interior design aspects of a space but sets the mood as well. A good lighting layout meets the needs of consumers, in addition to being practical, economic, safety orientated, and aesthetically pleasing.

About the practical aspects of lighting, obviously lighting enables one to see in an interior space in which there is no natural light, thus becoming an important safety feature in any interior space. Lighting also increases the hours business can be conducted which in turn increases sales. Installing power saving light fixture can decrease overhead costs. Most importantly lighting puts the customer in a state of mind where they are willing to spend more money and become repeat customers.

About security, in large interior spaces such as shopping malls natural light does not completely reach the entire space. One must rely on artificial light to illuminate an indoor space. With the consideration of the appropriate intensity of illumination, angle and projected direction of the light intensity to avoid glare at the same time. Also consider the layout of the water lines in order to be waterproof and moisture-proof, and to prevent a leakage situation.

In terms of aesthetics, people’s first glance tends to first stay on the outer decoration of the store, which depends on people’s subjective evaluation. Strong light projection highlights and enhances the senses of hierarchy and the use of weak light after the entrance. The combination of the two enhances the artistic expression.

1.2 The variety of lighting elements in the modern dining space

Style variety of modern lighting lamps and lanterns, with economical and scientific development modern society has gone from one singular bulb to wide variety of lighting materials. Art and economy together go hand in hand, the artistic quality of industrial products has gradually increased, and the models of lamps and lanterns also become diversified. Including the light tube lamp and the fluorescent lamp, these are commonly used lamps and spotlights in dinning space. As lighting lamps and lanterns in the space are used to emphasize a certain area with an enhanced effect, highlight objects and enrich single items in the space. Down light is generally used as a basic and auxiliary lighting, to the light environment of a large space. Down light plays a role in balancing the space. In addition down light embedded in the ceiling can also prevent glare and soft light, to maintain the simplicity of a space. Whereas fluorescent lamps enhance the dining space creating an open and guiding effect.

Moreover, the decorative function of the chandelier plays a focal point of a space. A luxurious chandelier placed in the dining space gives an upscale vibe and sets the mood for wining and dining.

1.3  The application method of interior lighting design in dining space

In a modern dinning space lighting design, lighting forms are generally divided into environmental lighting, key lighting, and working lighting.

Environmental lighting is used as basic lighting to unify the light environment of the internal space of dinning and highlight the characteristics of the space. It primarily displays the space, and unifies the illumination of space to create large colors and determines the atmosphere of the space.

Key lighting enhances the design of an interior space. The decoration of the dining space should be a symbolic design with personality. Key lighting is used to emphasize the area or items with these characteristics in this space in order to attract people’s attention, and trigger positive psychological responses.

Working lighting is applied to part of the working area of the dining space. Most commonly in a beam of concentrated light or incandescent lantern concentrated above the work space creates a very good effect.

lighting design in dinning space

2.Interior Lighting design to create ambiance in modern dining space

2.1  Lighting techniques and light environment application

For a dinning space to express the intended artistic conception and invoke a spiritual feeling, the lighting design is the key. The environment created by light directly affects the quality of the dinning space and whether or not it can be perfectly functional. A balance of natural light and artificial light is used create a highly artistic atmosphere for consumers to enjoy visually and spiritually. Natural light illuminated by the sun should be the starting point of the lighting design. Noting time, position, seasonal changes, as well as the intensity, luminance, and angle of light that changes from moment to moment. With the help of natural light, it guides architects to know the best positions to build the walls and windows to utilize it. Artificial light allows designers to adjust the temperature of light, light intensity, in different types of dining spaces to create different lighting atmospheres.

2.2 Lighting design creates an atmosphere in the dining space layout

The layout of a dining space has a functional purpose, starting from the entrance to the front desk area, display area, and dining area. With the walkway connecting these areas, each area has its own light environment, and these light environments then are unified with the light environment and tone of the entire space. 

At the entrance, a concentrated beam of light with high illumination or a dynamic LED neon light box is used to highlight the focal point of the space. While the soft light surrounding the decorations is used to neutralize the visual glare of the strong beam. Therefore the lighting can not only bring impact and a shock effect, but also create a harmonious quiet and gentle mood. 

The exhibition area is the area where the combination of dishes and decorative works of art are concentrated. The key lighting and local lighting are used to strengthen the distinction between the focal point and the secondary points. The windows and displays are the main areas where lighting is played with freely. With the use of warm and cold colors and the investment of spotlights will arouse consumers’ strong appetites. 

The dining area should first pay attention to the illumination of the dining table, the most appropriate form of light is an artistic chandelier hung below a concentrated beam. Where there are surrounding chairs inside a groove in the wall is an ideal placement of a hidden light with a weak light. The combination of this lighting, the warm light juxtaposed with the cold light, creates an ideal environment for dining.

The corridor area is different from other areas, but requires more attention to details. The balance of the ceiling point light source and light strip that illuminates the whole space makes all the difference when trying to capture the right mood.

Lighting expresses a tremendous amount of conceptual ideas that influence the customers’ mood.

2.3 Interior Lighting design creates a situational atmosphere

The gorgeous colors can be compared to the psychological changes of people. The space created by the essence of color is used as a tool to affect people’s emotions and frame of mind. The transformation from an abstract idea to the reality of the design application in a dining space can be achieved with the right lighting.

A previous section mentioned the application of strong and weak light and tone cold and warm areas. Mainly warm colors to form a sense of warmth and light concentration makes the surrounding environment dark. This creates a sense of elegance in a modern space. This in return relaxes the customer, so they have an enjoyable dining experience.

Modern dining spaces have diversified forms and rich functions, and other commercial space elements can also be integrated into a dining space. For example, dynamic, strobe, and liquid light elements can be used for entertaining spaces such as bars and night clubs. Which is more in line with lighting atmosphere created for the younger demographic.

3.The artistic influence of interior lighting design on a dining space’s atmosphere

The artistry of light is to use the characteristics of the light source to render the space’s environment by using the physical characteristics of light: reflection, refraction, diffuse reflection, light transmission, color contrast, light and shade, and space fusion, one can create an ideal dining space.  

Moreover, the characteristics of the luminary’s material itself, incandescent lamp yellow-white, tungsten filament lamp yellow and white, neon colors, to meet people’s various psychological needs. 

The color temperature of light and the need for atmosphere in a space are different. The color temperature of light adjusts the atmosphere and people’s mood. 

The color rendering of light makes the color of the goods more gorgeous and bright, with more texture and a three-dimensional sense of the goods in the dining space. Lamps and lanterns form from “point” to “line” and then to “surface”, under the infinite splicing combination, the cover of light can cover the rough sense of the ceiling completely, create a perfect “light space”. Lamps and lanterns in decorative designs can also be deliberately arranged to make a pattern to really achieve the integration of the space with the design.

The modern style draws on the development of our current society, economy and keeps pace with artistic designs. Contemporary lighting designs in modern times are based on returning to simplicity, minimalism, and the pursuit of functional perfection. Modern designs have an emphasis on spatial reorganization, practicality, and breaking traditional ideas.

In a modern style dining the main idea is letting the natural beauty of the area speak for itself. This is achieved by large windows that allow as much natural light into a space as possible. In terms of lighting this means not letting the natural light conflict with the artificial light, and give priority to the natural light. 

Secondly, the selection of lamps and lanterns in the dining space are generally designed in a simple way. Therefore a circle pendant light or led pendant light will be on trend for lighting for a modern dining space. These designs enhance the overall interior design so customers enjoy their dining experience.

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