How to Install Wall Lights?

Wall Lights, compared to table lamps and floor lamps, are not essential lighting fixtures in a space, but for the wall, wall lamps are extremely important “design language”. In the previous article, we talked about How to Choose Suitable Wall Lights for Your Home. Today, Canco will share with you some of the considerations for installing wall lights and where you can consider installing them.

1. Wall Lights Installation and Considerations

1.1 For wall lights, according to ergonomic principles, if the wall lights are installed higher, it will not be easy to concentrate light, and the overall lighting effect is relatively poor. In addition, if it is installed lower, it will be easy to hit and burn, and the light will also affect our eyesight strongly.

1.2 The installation height of wall lights should be slightly higher than 1.8m. They should provide moderate illumination, focusing primarily on auxiliary lighting and decoration.

1.3 Start by determining the room’s height. The installation height of wall lights should be above eye level, approximately 1.8m. The height between the wall lights and the working surface should range from 1440-1850mm, while the distance from the floor should be 2240-2650mm.

1.4 In the bedroom, the distance between the wall lights and the floor can be closer, around 1400-1700mm. The wall lights should also be installed close to the wall, within a range of 95-400mm, depending on the specific dimensions and actual conditions.

2. Suitable Places to Install Wall Lights

2.1 Bedside: Because it is auxiliary lighting, the bedside of the bedroom needs the help of a wall light, just to meet the auxiliary lighting decoration of the bed, the lamp head should be able to adjust the direction, and the brightness of the lamp should also meet the reading requirements.

Adjustable Wall Lights

2.2 Hallways or Living Rooms: In addition to the auxiliary lighting required in bedrooms, wall lights are also needed in living room entrances or hallways. The illumination from the wall lights should be soft, and the installation height should be slightly higher than eye level.

Metal Wall Lights

2.3 Dining Room: Installing wall lights in the dining room can create localized lighting effects. In larger dining rooms, a combination of wall lights and pendant lights can be used. However, if the dining room is smaller and you want to avoid making the space appear cramped, installing one or two wall lights on the wall can provide a luxurious atmosphere, resembling a high-end dining experience.

Dining Room Wall Lights

2.4 Bathroom Mirror: Wall lights can also be installed above bathroom mirrors. It is preferable to choose lights facing downwards and positioned above the mirror.

Bathroom Wall Light

I hope the content shared above will be helpful to you. Wall lights belong to the category of decorative lighting fixtures used for auxiliary lighting. While performing lighting functions, they can also embellish and enhance the overall interior style. In addition, Canco offers a variety of wall lights with different materials and styles, providing options to suit various preferences. For more information about wall light products, you can browse the Wall Light Series on the and communicate with us about your lighting needs in time.


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