How to Create an Atmosphere Through the Matching of Lighting Fixtures?

In the same type of house, the lighting scheme can make a remarkable difference in visual perception. One option is the conventional ceiling light for illumination, while the other is a combination of basic lighting + functional lighting, which is now gradually recognized as without main light lighting. The visual impact of these two options is substantial. One appears cold and lacks the cozy feeling of a home, while the other creates a vibrant atmosphere that evokes feelings of happiness.

In fact, in our daily life, this kind of thing is also very common. For example, we saw a superb sofa in a home furnishing store, but bought it back and put it in our own home, but found it so awkward. The sofa is the same one we admired in the store, but without the lighting environment, the radiance that once graced the sofa seems to have “vanished.” Therefore, lighting is good at creating an atmosphere. If you also want to create a warm and loving home, then today, Canco will share How to Create an Atmosphere Through the Matching of Lighting Fixtures.

1. Without Main Light Lighting

Without Main Light Lighting

The lighting scheme without the main light is also a very popular design scheme in recent years. Without the main light lighting design, the lighting in each area has no dead ends and has a home atmosphere. It is also very similar to the mainstream decoration styles such as simplicity and modernity. The harmonious combination makes the space more simple and elegant.

If you like a soothing lighting atmosphere, you can directly cancel the main light, and hide the light strips around the ceiling around the living room. Based on the light strip, track lights are added. By flexibly controlling the angle and position of the track lights, the lighting of the living room can also be clearly defined.

If the floor height is large, the ceiling can be designed as a suspended flat ceiling, and then the hidden downlight can be used as the lighting method of the living room to present a simple and natural visual sense of space. Based on the design of the hidden downlights, the ceiling with flat ceiling can add wood-colored lines and combine with the positions of the openings of the lamps, so that the minimalist space also has a natural sense of hierarchy, with a modern light luxury.

However, although the effect of the without main light design is very good, these two points cannot be ignored:

1) Before doing hydropower, it is necessary to plan the lighting layout and reserve the position of the lamps, preferably at the same time as the switch socket.

2) Don’t have without main lights for the sake of having without main lights. Reasonable planning of lamps and lanterns is not the more the better.

2. Main Light + Auxiliary Lighting

Round LED Ceiling Light

Although the design without the main lamp is good, the ceiling light is not completely without advantages. For example, it is cheap and easy to clean, and some high-value ceiling lamps are very suitable for small spaces. The main light + auxiliary lighting is also more suitable for a variety of usage scenarios. For example, when watching TV in the living room, the light should not be too bright, but it needs to be brighter when receiving guests.

The combination of Ceiling Light + Light Strip is a more comfortable and natural choice for lighting. The indirect lighting reflected by the light strip can bring a natural and soothing visual sense.

Ceiling Light + Downlight combination, this kind of living room is suitable for convex ceilings, adding downlights to the background wall, focusing on elements such as hanging pictures on the background wall, making the space more layered.

Ceiling Light + Track Light + Light Strip + Downlight, such a diverse living room lighting scheme. It can make the living room have a sense of hierarchy, clear light and dark, and a soothing and natural atmosphere. You can choose which lamps to turn on according to the application scene of the living room.

Finally, Canco recommends that you should not blindly pursue whether the lamps are good-looking when choosing lamps, and make decisions based on the height and area of the house. If the living room area of the home is large, we don’t necessarily have to choose large-sized lamps. We can use some auxiliary lighting, place some floor lamps next to the sofa, or install downlights or spotlights around the ceiling according to the decoration style of the home. Whether it is the Main Light or the Auxiliary Lighting Fixtures, Canco provides it. If you need more comments and suggestions, please feel free to Contact Us by email: [email protected].


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