How to Choose Floor Lamps?

Floor Lamps, which are portable and adjustable in terms of light intensity, are highly flexible and user-friendly lighting fixtures. They serve multiple purposes: they can provide indirect lighting to create a personalized corner for your mood, serve as reading lamps to accompany you during reading sessions, and even function as art pieces to enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of your space. A single lighting fixture can play various roles. So, how should you Place and choose floor lamps? Today, Canco will share with you.

1. Choosing Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are up-illuminated and direct-illuminated:

1.1 Up-lighting type: Adjusting the light source to change the atmosphere of the space

Up Illuminated Floor Lamp

With an up-illuminated floor lamp, the light is directed toward the ceiling and reflects as indirect light, spreading throughout the entire room. Besides illuminating the ceiling and floor simultaneously, this lower light center creates a mild and serene ambiance, helping to calm even restless minds.

The height and brightness of the ceiling play an important role in the use of uplighting floor lamps, generally speaking, the ceiling is the best color bright, white, or light, or has a certain reflective effect is good; a height of more than 2.5 meters (floor lamp height of about 1.7 meters), if the ceiling is too low to use uplighting floor lamps will make people feel that the light is too bright not soft enough.

1.2 Directly illuminated: concentrated lighting suitable for quiet reading

Metal Floor Lamps

Directly downward projection of the lamp, very suitable for reading and other activities that require mental concentration, the purchase of a directly illuminated floor lamp, the lower edge of the lampshade is usually lower than the eyes, so that the irradiation of the light bulb will not make the eyes feel uncomfortable.

At the same time, we all know that the contrast of indoor light will increase the load on the eyes, direct lighting is concentrated lighting, try to avoid reflective objects in the vicinity, such as glass, etc., also to prevent refraction to the eyes. In addition, the contrast of indoor light will increase the eye load, Canco recommends that you try to choose a dimmable floor lamp that will be more intimate, in different atmospheres and scenes can be converted to use more space.

2. Placement of the Floor Lamps

Floor lamps make great companions for sofas. You can make full use of corner areas, spaces between sofas, and corners between sofas and walls. Place a potted plant on one side and choose a floor lamp with a design element on the other side.

In a bedroom corner, floor lamps offer better adjustability than regular desk lamps. A simple and warm floor lamp by the bedside adds an artistic touch, instantly creating a gentle and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

A floor lamps stand quietly in the corner, silently accompanying you. But if you choose the right style and match it with the right decor, even in the corner, it can be an eye-catching work of art even in the corner. If you are looking for the right floor lamp, Canco Lighting is an important source for finding lamps that suit your style and budget. We provide you with high-quality floor lamp series in different materials and styles to meet the needs of more different home styles.


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