How to Arrange the Lamps and Lanterns in the Study Room?

The study room serves as both a workspace and a part of family life.  This space with dual functions, making it important to consider the lighting needs for both office work and leisure activities. How should the lamps be arranged to cater to these requirements while minimizing eye strain and enhancing the study’s ambiance? Today, Canco is here to provide tips on how to appropriately arrange lamps and lanterns in a study room.

1. How to Choose and Layout of Lamps in the Study?

1.1 Light color temperature:

The color temperature of the light plays a crucial role in creating the right study atmosphere. To adhere to the principle of bright halls and darker rooms, avoid using bright white light as general study lighting. Canco recommended choosing warm white light as the main color and complementing it with a relatively bright lamp on the desk for studying and working purposes.

1.2 Lamp shape:

The shape of the lamps and lanterns in the study holds significance. The square shape imparts a sense of order and discipline, fostering concentration and focus during study or work. On the other hand, circular lighting can create a warmer ambiance, making the space feel softer, and promoting a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

1.3 Number of lamps:

Generally, 2-3 lamps are suitable for a study room, including a main lamp and a desk lamp. If there is a reading corner in the study, a floor lamp can be placed next to the sofa to provide focused reading lighting.

1.4 Avoid colored lights:

Extremely bright or dim lights can strain the eyes while excessively colorful lights can cause fatigue. Therefore, it is best to avoid intense glare and colored lights in the study. The desk lamp should evenly illuminate the reading and writing area without causing glare by being placed at an appropriate distance from people.

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2. Key Points for Study Lighting Layout

2.1 Enhance reading lighting with a desk lamp:

To supplement the main lighting for reading at the desk, it is essential to add an eye-protecting desk lamp at a suitable corner of the desk or install a chandelier directly above for accent lighting.

2.2 Indirect lighting for a serene atmosphere:

Indirect lighting helps prevent visual strain caused by direct light. Therefore, when designing study lighting, it is advisable to incorporate indirect light sources, such as hidden light fixtures around the ceiling, to create a calm and soothing atmosphere.

2.3 Use track lights to highlight the bookcase:

Lighting can also transform the appearance of a bookcase and create intriguing effects. For instance, track lights or recessed light strips can be used to directly illuminate the books or objects on the bookcase, drawing attention and forming a visual focal point.

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The aforementioned tips for arranging lamps in a family study room are provided by Canco, with the hope of assisting you. If you are considering replacing or adding new lighting fixtures for your study, you can explore Canco Lighting Products. Our main products are Architectural Lighting, Commercial Lighting and Decorative Lighting for Indoor applications. If you need more comments and suggestions from us for your study lighting fixtures, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected].


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