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How to Choose High-Power LED Lighting Fixtures?

High-power LED lighting fixtures are widely used in commercial applications, but due to their various parameters, the applicable standards are also different. Today, Canco will share with you 10 tips for choosing high-power LED lighting fixtures.

Large Circular Pendant Light

1. Look at the quality of light and the anti-glare effect: The quality of light is the soul of a lamp, shine out the light spot is beautiful, directly affect the effect. The quality of the anti-glare performance is also critical.

2. Look at the luminous efficacy: The same lamp bead power, the higher the light effect, the higher the brightness; the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy-saving.

3. Look at the color temperature: The evenness of the color temperature distribution directly affects the lighting effect. Moreover, the color temperature and color rendering index are interrelated, and changes in color temperature will cause changes in the color rendering index.

4. Look at power supply efficiency: The higher the power supply efficiency, the better. A higher power supply efficiency indicates a lower power consumption and a higher output power.

5. Power factor of the LED lighting fixture: A low power factor indicates poor driving power and circuit design, which will significantly reduce the service life of the lighting fixture. Even with a good lamp bead, a low power factor will not extend the service life. Pressure casting and cold forging processes are currently the ideal choices.

6. Heat dissipation performance of the LED fixture: The lower the thermal resistance, the better the heat dissipation. High thermal resistance means poor heat dissipation, which can cause the device temperature to rise and affect the wavelength drift of the light. For every one-degree increase in temperature, the light wavelength will drift by 0.2-0.3nm, directly affecting the light quality. Excessive temperature rise also directly affects the service life of high-power LED fixture.

7. Look at the heat dissipation conditions and structure of LED fixture: Heat dissipation is also essential for high-power lighting fixtures. For lighting fixtures with the same power factor and the same quality of lamp beads, if the heat dissipation conditions are poor, the light decay will be significant when the lamp beads work at high temperatures, reducing the service life of the lighting fixture.

8. Look at the workmanship details of LED fixture: In addition to the main aspects mentioned above, a high-quality high-power LED lighting fixture should also have different technical requirements according to different usage environments, such as moisture, dust resistance, etc. The parameters can be known by looking at its IP protection level.

9. Look at the quality of LED lamp beads: The quality of the lamp beads depends on the quality of the chips and packaging technology.

10. Consider the high-power LED Aluminium Profile Light: LED Circular Light Halo Series CC6068, designed by Canco Lighting. This LED circular pendant light is made of Aluminum Housing, PC Diffuser, elegant design for commercial application. Can also be customized, to meet different lighting needs.

LED Circular Light Halo Series CC6068

These tips shared above can be used as a reference when purchasing high-power LED lighting fixtures. Canco have our R&D lighting experts, in the design process of high-power LED lighting fixtures, with LED Smart Circular Lights as our goal, we work to reduce glare, optimize light output, render the purest colors as the basis, and ensure the efficiency of our products. At the same time, pay attention to the reliability, energy saving, luminosity, and service life of the lamps, comprehensively improve the overall performance of the fixtures, and give full play to the advantages of LED, so that the use of products and dependence on our lighting and design becomes easy and worry-free. Please contact us for your lighting requirements.


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