How to Design an Effective Office Space Lighting?

Lighting design is a means to reflect the soul of design. By selecting different lighting methods and fixtures based on various spaces, occasions, and users, while ensuring appropriate illuminance, people can engage in activities freely and comfortably within the space. According to online statistics, the time spent in the office environment by the “work workers” far exceeds the time spent at home within 24 hours, making office lighting particularly crucial. Today, Canco will share with you how to do a good job of effective office space lighting and choose the right lighting fixtures.

1. How should different lighting be chosen for the working and leisure areas within an office space?

Color Temperature

In simple terms, the lower the color temperature, the warmer the color, tending towards the red spectrum, while the higher the color temperature, the cooler the color, tending towards the blue spectrum. For example, a color temperature of around 5000K is suitable for the working area, providing white light. On the other hand, a color temperature of around 3000K is suitable for the leisure area, providing a warm yellow light. White light is suitable for work-related illumination, as it is bright and clear, helping to boost the spirit. Yellow light, due to its warm color temperature, is commonly used for interpersonal relationships and creating a certain atmosphere, but it is not suitable for concentration.

As our demands for lighting comfort continue to increase, high-end offices tend to use a color temperature of 4000K, while some boss offices may use 3500K.


Illuminance refers to the amount of visible light flux received per unit area of the illuminated surface and is measured in lux. For instance, when we talk about whether the desktop is bright enough for work, we are usually referring to illuminance. Given the same area, the higher the luminous flux of the light source, or in other words, the higher the lumen value, the higher the illuminance. Generally speaking, if a bright and clear lighting environment is desired, higher illuminance is required.

As per regulations, the illuminance in office areas should not be less than 300 lux. (However, in practical applications, considering long-term use and performance enhancement, a range of 500-600 lux is usually achieved.)

2. Choosing Suitable Lighting Fixtures

Linear Lighting Fixtures

Most office desks in companies are designed as rectangles. In such cases, LED linear lights are the most suitable choice. These types of lighting fixtures provide high brightness without being too dazzling and ensure uniform illumination across the area.

Canco LED Linear Light

Round Lighting Fixtures

In leisure areas, Round pendant lights are commonly preferred. The brightness of the lighting in these areas is not as critical as creating a soft and relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, the circular shape can soften the overall ambiance, especially when compared to the sharp corners of office furniture.

Round Pendant Lights

Decorative Lighting Fixtures

For areas like the break room or coffee corner, opting for uniquely designed light fixtures can enhance a relaxed and leisurely atmosphere. The diverse styles of lighting can contribute to creating an ambiance that promotes ease and comfort.

Uniquely Designed Light Fixtures

In conclusion, a good office lighting design should meet the following criteria:

  • The lighting should provide a healthy and comfortable light, being bright but not glaring.
  • Appropriate illuminance is necessary for employees to feel comfortable. Different illuminance levels can be set in working and leisure areas.
  • The installation position of lighting fixtures should be scientifically reasonable to avoid direct or indirect glare that could affect people.
  • Attention should be given to glare prevention in lighting fixtures.
  • If feasible, consider implementing an intelligent control system that combines human factors with lighting to naturally adjust the indoor lighting environment.


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