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What are the Different Types of Staircase Lighting in 2023?

The design of staircase lighting aims to integrate architectural spaces and lighting fixtures seamlessly, reducing the need for forced solutions and creating more comfortable environments. Just like streetlights, stair step lights were among the first lighting fixtures to be used in scene-oriented design thinking.

Many people may believe that installing lighting fixtures on stairs would compromise aesthetics. However, with advancements in lighting design and fixtures, it is now possible to achieve an effect where the lights remain hidden while providing illumination. When the lights shine on the steps, they create a sense of space and depth, highlighting the significance of incorporating lighting elements. Even with ordinary lighting products, the outcome is praiseworthy, as the interplay of light and shadow elevates the ambiance of the surroundings. Today, Canco will explore the different types of staircase lighting with you.

Types of Staircase Lighting in 2023:

Beautiful staircase lighting can be categorised into 5 different types as follows. Let’s take a closer look at each idea type:

1. Wall Recessed Step Lights:

If you want to add an element of surprise to your staircase design, wall recessed step lights are an excellent choice. This is perhaps the easiest way to achieve the desired effect.

Wall Recessed Stair Lights

2. Bottom-recessed LED Light Strips:

This is a popular staircase lighting method. By embedding LED strip lights for stairs beneath the stair treads, you achieve both hidden lighting fixtures and visually stunning effects. When used indoors, there is no need for additional ceiling or wall lights above the stairs. If employed outdoors, special accent lighting is not required. When the LED lights are turned off, they remain concealed, but when activated at night or any other time, they produce a breathtaking soft and floating effect.

LED Strip Lights for Stairs

3. Hidden Lighting Below Stair Handrails:

Instead of installing a light strip beneath each step, you can simplify the process and reduce costs by installing a light strip along the handrail. This method is particularly suitable for spaces such as clubs, villas, and smaller indoor or outdoor staircases. It is visually appealing and creates a warm atmosphere. However, professional lighting designers point out that this lighting may not be suitable for public areas with higher lighting requirements. For wider stairs, additional auxiliary lighting is necessary to improve the safety factor. Therefore, utilizing handrails for lighting is more suitable for residential use.

Stair Handrail Lighting

4. Installing Light Strips in Concealed Grooves to Illuminate Walls:

If there is a gap between the stairs and the wall, you can install light strips to wash the walls and provide vertical and indirect illumination. This lighting method is also suitable for businesses and homes.

Wall Washer Lighting

5. Motion Sensor LED Lights for Stairs:

Have you heard of LED lights that automatically turn on based on motion detection? These lights, known as motion sensor stair lights. This light adopts “light sense plus human body induction”.When the ambient light is low, the device activates, and the lights turn on when someone approaches.

Motion Sensor Stair Lights

Must Read Tips:

  • Avoid using lighting fixtures with excessively high power.
  • The surface brightness of the fixtures should not be too high (the light should be soft, and there should be no direct light within the normal field of view during activity).
  • The fixtures should not have exposed light sources, or they should feature a non-glare frosted surface.
  • It is recommended to use continuous light strips or seamless connections to avoid dark areas in the middle.
  • Maintain a distance of 1-2 meters between the motion sensor switch and the lights. When the lights are on, they generate some heat, and placing the motion sensor switch too close to the lights can affect its performance and lifespan.

In conclusion, Staircase lighting truly adds interest and allure to a space while ensuring safety, especially during nighttime. Please consider using LED step lights in your home, we offer a variety of different styles to choose from, with seamless integration, recessed design and soft lighting, the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics enhances the overall appeal of your space force. Contact us today with any questions you may have!


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