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What are the Main Types of Decorative Lighting Fixtures?

From the current trend of interior decoration, fixtures are not only used for lighting, they can create different artistic atmospheres and create a comfortable indoor environment. In particular, the shapes, materials, and light and color effects of different types of fixtures create more possibilities for interior design. There are many types of lighting fixtures, usually according to different installation methods of fixtures, which can be divided into Pendant Lights, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Downlights, Spotlights and Concealed Lights, and so on. Today, Canco will share with you the uses and differences of these 8 types of decorative fixtures.

1. Pendant Lights and Ceiling Lights

Aluminum Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the most decorative type of lighting fixture. It is hung under the ceiling with a suspender rod, chains, or slings. This is the biggest difference between pendant lights and ceiling lights.

Pendant lights come in a variety of styles and designs to match different interior decor styles. They can be classified into single pendant lights and multiple pendant lights based on their shape, and metal or wooden frame pendant lights based on their material. The application of various materials in pendant lights also provides a variety of options for interior design.

Round LED Ceiling Light

Ceiling lamps do not have a pendant, the top of the lamp is directly close to the ceiling, the appearance feels as if the lamp is adsorbed on the ceiling, so it is called a ceiling lamp. Ceiling lights are not as visually prominent as pendant lights, but they give people a fresh and simple feeling, and are suitable for spaces where the height is not very high. Ceiling lights with a diameter of about 200mm are suitable for use in aisles, bathrooms and kitchens; ceiling lights with a diameter of more than 400mm are suitable for use in rooms with a larger area, such as bedrooms and study lights; living rooms generally use larger size Pendant lights, depending on the size of the room.

Relatively speaking, pendant lights are more suitable for spaces with higher ceilings, while ceiling lights are more suitable for spaces with lower ceilings. Generally, pendant lights should be hung at least 2 meters above the ground. Therefore, spaces with ceilings lower than 2.7 meters are not suitable for pendant lights (except for dining spaces, where pendant lights can be hung 65-85cm above the table). As many residential floor height is in 2.8m or even 2.8m below, so the blind use pendant lights is obviously inappropriate, should be with the ceiling design to choose pendant lights or ceiling lights.

2. Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Wall lights are decorative fixtures fixed to walls or pillars, serving to accentuate specific areas or provide additional lighting. They are often used in bedrooms, dressing tables, corridors, and entrance halls. They come in various styles and designs, such as ceiling-mounted wall lights, color-changing wall lights, bedside wall lights, and mirror front wall lights. The installation position of the wall lights should be slightly higher than the height of the eyes when a person is standing. Its illumination should not be too large, which is more conducive to creating an atmosphere.

The wall lights need to be fixed on the wall and cannot be moved, so it is not as convenient to use as a table lamp. But it is precisely because the wall light is fixed on the wall and cannot be moved, so there is no danger of accidentally falling to the ground. For this reason, wall lights are widely used in hotels and a few purer home decorations.

3. Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

Table Lamps

Table lamps are movable light fixtures that work by concentrating light in a small area to facilitate work and study. Generally, table lamps use incandescent or energy-saving bulbs and are commonly placed on the living room coffee tables, bedroom bedside tables, and study desks. Table lamps come in various shapes and colors and can be divided into two main types: decorative table lamps and writing table lamps. Decorative table lamps emphasize artistic design and decorative effects while writing table lamps are mainly used for reading and writing and have a simpler and more practical design.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can have a similar design to table lamps. The difference is that floor lamps are placed directly on the floor and generally have longer poles than table lamps. They are often placed next to sofas or coffee tables. Both table and floor lamps can be used as the main light source for a small area or as an auxiliary light source with different illuminance and in conjunction with other indoor light sources to create a change in ambient light color. Their unique designs can also be a good decorative element in a room.

4. Downlights

Recessed Downlights

Downlights are recessed light fixtures, which are generally embedded in the ceiling, also called Recessed Downlights, which play a role in auxiliary lighting and creating atmosphere, but they can also be used as the main lighting by installing multiple downlights. In large spaces such as shopping malls, conference rooms, and cinemas, downlights are often used as the main lighting source. Many downlights can also adjust the angle to irradiate different directions.

5. Spotlight

Track Spotlight

The difference between spotlight and downlights is that spotlight emits concentrated light while downlights emit scattered light. Downlights have a wider range of illumination, while spotlights have stronger local lighting. Spotlights are used to focus light beams on a specific area to highlight and enhance the design. For example, focusing the spotlight beam on a decorative background wall or ornament is a common method. Spotlights can be surface-mounted or recessed, with the track-mounted style being more common. The track-mounted style has equipped with a track light stand, that can adjust the angle and position of the spotlight as needed. The track spotlight combined with multiple spotlights not only has a good decorative effect but also plays the role of main lighting like pendant lamps or ceiling lamps.

6. Concealed Lights

LED Light Strips

Concealed lights include LED light strips and fluorescent lamps. Concealed lights are available in various colors and are often used to create an atmosphere and provide auxiliary lighting. Fluorescent lamps are known as T5, T8, etc. The model represents the diameter of the lamp tube, with larger numbers indicating a larger diameter. The length of the lamp tube can also be selected, with longer tubes having higher power. LED light strips also come in different models, depending on the size and number of lamp beads, with brighter ones being more expensive.

In short, Lighting fixtures are no longer just a tool for lighting but have evolved into a decorative element of interior space. Opting for energy-saving lighting fixtures can save a considerable amount of money in the long run. Canco Lighting is an OEM & ODM Chinese manufacturer specializing in Commercial Lighting and Residential Lighting. Welcome to communicate with us about any of your lighting needs.


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