What Are the Tips for Coffee Shop Light Design?

Coffee shops are undoubtedly one of the most vibrant and charming places for relaxation and social gatherings in cities, whether for reading, chatting, or simply lounging. Different urban cultures and traditions have given rise to various styles and designs for coffee shops, from the coffee cups on the bar, and the decorative paintings on the walls, to the arrangement of tables and chairs and the light design. Today, Canco will share some tips on coffee shop light design, along with a coffee shop project we worked on.

1. Characteristics of coffee shops

Coffee shops are the go-to places for relaxation and socializing. Light in coffee shops is mainly used to create a specific atmosphere. Generally, a coffee shop has a theme, and its interior design and light revolve around it. The coffee shop light doesn’t need to be too bright. The lighting needs to be soft, hazy, light, and comfortable to create space variations.

2. The role of light in coffee shops

Although the overall light environment of a coffee shop is relatively dark, there will be accent lighting in the art decoration area. Such as irradiated relief, wall hanging decoration with large areas of tapestry, etc. Canco recommends using fixtures with a color temperature of about 3000K and choosing a light source with high color rendering, which can better restore the original color of the material and make the lighting quality of the entire space higher. For some hidden light sources or fixtures, pay attention to the concealment of their installation, to achieve a “see light but not the fixture” effect. To make the lighting of the whole space more layered, there must be differences in the illumination control between the ceiling, the wall, the table, and the floor, otherwise, it will appear monotonous visually without layers.

3. Light design requirements for coffee shops

In coffee shop light design, the overall space illumination is not very high, and the best illumination for the normal activities of personnel shall prevail, and focus on some local lighting to highlight the details. For example, for the choice of decorative table lamps on the table, it is best to use lights with lampshades, or lights with a small lighting range like candles, preferably with warm colors to create a warm and intimate space for coffee drinkers.

4. Sharing of coffee shop light design projects

Canco previously completed a Light Design Project for an Australia Coffee Shop. When we received this coffee shop light design request from the customer, we study the customer’s requirement carefully first, they don’t wish to use common panel lights or bulbs or pendant lights, so we suggest to use brushed golden U shape linear light around their kitchen island, U shape LED light with Radius 300mm, we finished the light surface with electrical plating technology, looks very good quality, not powder coated finish. We also supply some LED downlight for this project, CRI90. After the overall project was completed, The owner is satisfied with the light design of the coffee shop and with these Coffee Shop Fixtures’ quality and lead time. Interested to know more details, please visit our Project Case:“Coffee Shop Light Design Project In Australia”.

Coffee Shop Light Design Project In Australia
  • Lighting is an important material element of a coffee shop. The function of lighting has a subtle connection with customers’ sense of taste and psychology.
  • Canco believes that the goal of coffee shop light design is to make the whole room unique, it can help people relax and enjoy life indoors, which is very important.
  • Canco not only provides the standard size for products but also designs and manufactures customized Coffee Shop Linear Light Products and gives a professional idea for lighting projects.

If you currently have a coffee shop, CONTACT US for lighting design, why not renovate your space with amazing Coffee Shop Fixtures and perfectly interpret the personality and style of the coffee shop?


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