Coffee Shop Light Design Project In Australia

When we received this coffee shop light design request from customer, we study customer’s requirement carefully first, they seeking a unique linear light design for his coffee shop, don’t wish to use common panel light or bulbs or pendant lights, so we suggest to use brushed golden U shape linear light around their kitchen island, this is a good idea.

Coffee Shop Light Design Project

It is a small dining room in a shopping mall in Melbourne, L shape led light with Radius 300mm, we finished the light surface with electrical plating technology, looks very good quality, not powder coated finished.

We also supply some led down light for this project, cutout 75mm, angle 36 degree, CRI90, the owner are happy with these lighting quality and lead time.

If you currently have a coffee shop, CONTACT US for lighting design, why not renovate your space with amazing Coffee Shop Fixtures and perfectly interpret the personality and style of the coffee shop?


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