6 Don'ts When Choosing Light Fixtures!

When choosing lighting fixtures for your home, it’s important to consider not only cost-effectiveness but also practicality. In this article, Canco will share 6 tips for choosing the right lighting fixture for your home that will not only save you money but also be convenient and practical.

1. Do not buy complex-shaped lamps and lanterns

Now the trend of home design are inclined to simple and generous, the simpler rather than the more durable, lamps and lanterns are the same, the more complex the shape of the lamps and lanterns, not only easily outdated, and not durable, cleaning is also very troublesome.

For example, like some luxury crystal chandeliers, hundreds of crystal balls, you have to clean up one by one, it is estimated that you will regret it. Therefore, do not buy complex lamps and lanterns, to buy a simple and durable model. Such as Canco modern circular chandelier simple, stylish, and elegant design, while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

LED Circle Pendant Light

2. Don not just say what light color to use

Light color, refers to the color of the light shining out, simply put, is commonly known as yellow light, white light or neutral light, etc.. Light color is measured in K, the lower the value is more yellow, while the higher the value is more white. In the choice of light color, you can say with the business how much K.

For example, if you want to home warm some can choose 2700K ~ 3000K, if you want to soften some choose 3500K ~ 4000K, if you want to brighter choose 5000K ~ 6000K. Home light color can be selected according to their own preferences.

3. Do not just ask whether the light is bright

The brightness of the light is related to the brightness of the home, buy lamps and lanterns do not just ask whether the light is bright. The brightness of the light is enough, here the brightness is a general qualitative concept, but from a professional point of view, there are many factors that affect the light is not bright.

Brightness is more oriented to the human eye’s perception of light, while illuminance is the actual amount of light emitted from the lamp. Illuminance is expressed in luminous flux (lx), the unit is lm/㎡, that is, lumens / square meter. The formula is: 1lm = 1lm/㎡.

LED Circle Light

For example, Canco recommend that the illuminance needed for general activity lighting at home is 100lx, which is 100lm/㎡. And reading, writing and other operational lighting requirements for illumination is higher, need 300lx, that is, 300lm/㎡.

4. Do not just ask whether the quality is good

When choosing light fixtures, don’t just ask about the quality of the lamps. The quality of the lamps and lanterns is closely related to the materials used. For example, Lamps made of wrought iron are not as good as stainless steel, lamps made of iron and stainless steel are not as thick as aluminum lamps, and lamps made of kraft paper are not as good as acrylic. Bamboo, rattan, cloth and other materials are not recommended, it is estimated that you will soon have to change the light.

5. Do not purchasing strobe lamps and lanterns

The strobe lights is when you take a picture with your phone against the light, the phone screen will flicker and jump, which is the strobe.

Strobe lights emit flashes of light that can be harmful to the eyes, especially for children. Although the flashes may not be visible to the naked eye, they can cause harm. Therefore, avoid purchasing lamps and lanterns that have strobe lights.

6. Do not only look at the brand, to see the origin

When choosing light fixtures, don’t only focus on the brand. Instead, to see the origin of production. Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province is known as the capital of lighting, known throughout the world, the manufacturers are very many.

Overall, when choosing light fixtures, it is important to consider a variety of factors such as design, light color, brightness, material, and origin. In addition, it is also important to choose a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer when shopping for lighting.

Canco Lighting’s factory is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, specializing in the design and manufacture of round lights since 2008, we are committed to providing quality and practical lighting solutions to customers worldwide. With a team of experienced R&D experts and a state-of-the-art production facility. Consider starting to transform your space into an elegantly lit environment with Canco products.

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