What to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Light?

As a space for relaxation and leisure, a home does not require overly complex designs. A simple ceiling light is the best choice! Ceiling lights are not only convenient for cleaning but also save a significant amount of space. So, what should you consider when selecting the ideal ceiling light? Today, Canco is here to share some valuable insights and tips.

1. Power and Size Selection Based on Room Area

Since houses come in different sizes, the required power and size of the ceiling light also vary. The larger the space, the larger the illuminated area. To avoid insufficient lighting and the formation of dark corners, the corresponding ceiling light should have higher power and size. On the other hand, smaller spaces have smaller illuminated areas, and the light reflects more on the walls. Therefore, ceiling light with lower power and size is sufficient to meet the needs. Here’s a general guideline:

  • For areas ranging from 5-8 square meters, a 10W ceiling light is suitable.
  • For areas between 10-15 square meters, opt for a 21W ceiling light.
  • Spaces spanning 15-20 square meters call for a 36W ceiling light.
  • Larger areas, around 20-30 square meters, require a 74W ceiling light.
  • If your room measures 30-40 square meters, go for an 84W ceiling light.
  • For expansive areas of 40-50 square meters, a 96W ceiling light is ideal.

For example, Canco Round LED Ceiling Light Fixtures Moon Series, made of Aluminum Housing, and PC Diffuser, and featuring a classic design, are suitable for home lighting. This moon ceiling light is available in different sizes and colors, with high-efficiency luminous output, making it a good choice for living room and bedroom lighting.

Round LED Ceiling Light Fixtures Moon Series

2. Choose Dimmable Ceiling Lights

When working or studying at home, you need bright and evenly distributed white light. When preparing to rest, a slightly dimmer warm light is needed to create a soothing atmosphere before sleep. Different activities require different color temperatures for indoor lighting, and relying solely on ceiling light with a specific color temperature cannot meet daily life needs. In this case, a dimmable ceiling light is very practical as it can fulfill various color temperature requirements.

  • When tidying up the house, you can adjust the color temperature to a cool white of 6000K for brighter light, making it easier to see objects.
  • When reading or working, you can adjust the color temperature to a natural white of 4000K to ensure clear visibility while avoiding strong light that may strain your eyes.
  • When relaxing before sleep or preparing to rest, you can adjust the color temperature to a warm white of 3000K to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

For example, Canco LED Surface Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures Horizon Series is made of Aluminum Housing, Acrylic Diffuser, and an elegant design for indoor lighting decoration. We provide various dimming methods such as DALI, 0-10V, 1-10V, Triac, and RGBW Dim, allowing you to choose according to your specific needs.

LED Surface Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures Horizon Series

By choosing a good ceiling light, you can make your life more convenient and comfortable. Canco Round LED Ceiling Light features high-efficiency luminous output, Top brand 2835 led chip, and 5 warranty quality drivers. So why not choose one of Canco High-Quality Ceiling Lights for your home now?


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