Bedroom Lighting Essentials!

The bedroom is considered the most private space in a home, and it is closely associated with the quality of sleep. Unfortunately, most people tend to prioritize the appearance of public areas, neglecting the bedroom, which is more personal. However, the bedroom is not merely a place to sleep, and it should not be reduced to a collection of furniture like beds, wardrobes, and desks. In this article, Canco Lighting shares some key points to keep in mind when designing bedroom lighting.

1. Main Light Source

Firstly, it is essential to understand that the main light source in the bedroom does not necessarily have to be a ceiling lamp or chandelier. The main light source could be multiple light sources that provide ample illumination throughout the room. For example, if the ceiling is low, a chandelier might not be suitable since it can make the room feel cramped. However, if the ceiling is high, hidden spotlights or downlights could be used as the main light source. In this case, there is no need for a central light fixture. The goal is to ensure there is enough light in the room without it being too harsh or oppressive.

Bedroom LED Downlights

2. Auxiliary Light Source

An auxiliary light source in the bedroom is an additional light source that is different from the main light. The auxiliary light source typically functions as a complement to the main light source, providing a more subdued lighting experience. It is also essential to note that the intensity of the illumination from the auxiliary light should be lower than that of the main light. The auxiliary light source could take the form of bedside wall lamps, pendant lamps, table lamps, or partially hidden light strips. It is crucial to use a warm color light source that provides soft, non-dazzling light, which is ideal for creating atmosphere and localized lighting.

3. Bedroom Light Source

When selecting bedroom light sources, it is essential to choose based on your preferences and the desired function of the light. The main light source could be a modern LED ring pendant light, simple ceiling lights, hidden downlights or spotlights, or LED light strips. The choice should depend on the height, style, and layout of your home. The light color should be warm white, and it is advisable to avoid cool white light, which can be too harsh and make the room feel cold.

LED Ring Light Indoor Suspended Bedroom

For auxiliary light sources, LED light strips are an excellent choice. They are typically used as warm-colored light sources, and their brightness is suitable for basic lighting and atmosphere creation. When placing LED light strips, it is important to avoid directly shining the light on the eyes. For example, if the light strip is installed above the head of the bed, it should be directed toward the end of the bed, not the eyes of the person in the bed.

4. Choosing the Light Source

It is important to note that the shape of general lamps is primarily for decoration purposes. The most critical aspect of a lamp is its light source since it is the heart of the lamp. No matter how beautiful the lamp appears, it will not be useful without a good light source. Therefore, when selecting lamps, it is essential to choose a good light source that complements the room’s style and provides the desired level of illumination.

LED Surface Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures
Canco Lighting:LED Surface Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures Horizon Series

In conclusion, bedroom lighting is a critical aspect of the home design that should not be overlooked, having a warm and pleasant bedroom helps with quality sleep, Canco Lighting gives a professional idea for lighting projects, and we are always here and waiting for any inquiries on lighting, thanks for your support.


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