How to Create Comfortable Home Lighting?

Home lighting is the eyes and windows of the entire home decoration. In addition to focusing on safety, energy efficiency, and durability, the most important aspect of home lighting is comfort. Energy efficiency and durability determine that the number of lamps should be be small rather than large, while safety mainly pertains to the quality of the lamps. For home decoration, the pursuit of comfort is the core of home lighting.

How to Create Comfortable Home Lighting? Today, Canco Lighting will analyze this question by explaining three professional lighting terms.

1. Lighting Angle

The lighting angle of LED lamps varies according to their intended use. Therefore, when choosing LED lamps, one should consider their intended use. There are three categories of light in home lighting:

1.1 Ambient Lighting

The lighting range of ambient lighting is broad and the direct light source is not visible, but the light changes the space. It is often used for indirect lighting. You can use LED ceiling lamps , spotlights, and wall sconces to achieve ambient lighting.

For example, in the living room, where the main functions are receiving guests, watching TV, and reading, the ambient lighting only needs to evenly illuminate the entire area without being too strong. Using dispersed light sources can better adjust the space’s brightness.

White Round Ceiling Light

1.2 Contour Lighting

Contour lighting mainly uses light strips and light trough to emphasize the contours of walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, creating a sense of hierarchy. It can also provide auxiliary lighting for ambient lighting, making the indoor space appear higher and larger.

For example, there are many storage areas in the kitchen, and their partitions are prone to blocking light and producing shadows. Install light strips or cabinet lights on the shelves to facilitate access to objects.

LED Light Strips

1.3 Focus Lighting

Focus lighting can create a specific atmosphere and is often used for direct lighting. Its brightness is high, and the range is small. There are many lighting fixtures that can be used, such as LED Circular Hanging Lights and Modern Linear Pendant Lighting, how to match them depends on the specific occasion.

LED Ring Pendant Light

2. LED Brightness

LED brightness refers to the amount of light emitted by an LED light source, usually measured in lumens. A 1W LED light is equivalent to a 3W energy-saving lamp or a 15W incandescent bulb. The higher the wattage, the greater the impact on vision. Therefore, do not blindly choose LED lamps with high wattages.

3.Color Temperature

Color temperature is a scale used to measure the color of light sources, typically measured in Kelvin (K). Low color temperature refers to warm light, which has more red components and fewer blue components. On the other hand, cool white light has higher color temperature and more blue components.

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