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Aluminium pendant light achieves more and more reputation due to its long-lasting lifespan, how to choose or how to buy aluminium pendant light at a low price?  This article explains how to buy aluminium pendant light at a low price.

First, what is an Aluminium pendant light?

It made by extruded aluminum and PC, or PMMA diffuser, it can supply direct light, indirect light, direct+indirect light, outer light, inner light, it is key lighting products for indoor decoration.

Aluminum body aid in dissipating warmth from the LED PCB. The PMMA diffusers as well as covers on aluminum body help in spreading out light evenly. Using aluminum body as well as diffusers makes it easy to maintain a better light. It also helps in increasing the lifespan of LED PCB.

Aluminum pendant light

So Where to buy Aluminium pendant light?

Aluminium hanging lights can be classified into decorative styles for home and commercial style for projects.

There are several locations where you can get high-quality Aluminum pendant light at a low price..

  1. For decorative ones, can buy from the local market or large Aluminium pendant light for projects online in your country, but if you want to achieve a lower price, then you can shop from China suppliers, they normally supply Aluminum pendant at a very reasonable price;
  2. For large pendant light for projects, we suggest you can buy directly from China factories that specialized in lighting projects, they are professional and offer lower prices compare to local design companies.
  3. If you buy aluminum pendant light from Illumination distributors, wholesalers, sometimes they also buy from China and wait for 4-6weeks, then why not buy directly from China suppliers online, it is so easy for you to contact China factories now, WeChat, Skype, Whatsapp, email, calls, they are hardworking and reply your answers quickly.
  4. If you can purchase over 50+ Aluminium hanging lights, we think you can receive at:
    Competitively low price
    Top-quality follow your requirement
    A fast lead time of your order, normally they required 5-7 days to produce.

Additional knowledge for Aluminium pendant light

There is also some additional knowledge you need to know when you comparing price from different suppliers.

  1. Regular dimensions from 220-5000mm. These eco varies led aluminum profiles to come with end diffusers, clamps, and clips. Aluminum pendant lights are available for direct and indirect light as well as an outside light.
  2. Surface finish color can be powder coated or electrical plating, if powder coated, normally it is black, white or grey color, the price can be cheaper; if electrical plating tech, then price will be much higher due to complicated tech to manufacture.
  3. The power supply also decided unit price, if power supply brand is Meanwell, Tridonic, Osram, Philips, the price will be higher, if small brand driver, the price will be lower, so when you choose Aluminium hanging lights, try to know power supply brand, will help you to make a decision.
  4. Purchase samples prior to positioning mass quantities. Total eco array LED aluminum pendant kit boxes for marketing activities can be custom-made for representatives, traders, lighting merchants, and wholesalers.
  5. These Aluminium pendant come with PC, or PMMA, or Silicone diffusers, suspension ropes, and also ceiling canopies. Try to buy samples before you place bulk orders, if buy from China, you also can ask for a customize mark on the package, like bags, cartons, special design for you.
  6. The raw material of aluminum also will caused aluminum pendant light price different, if you are Chinese, you can click here to know the latest aluminum price per ton.

Hope this article describes exactly how to purchase high-quality Aluminium pendant light at a low price.

Aluminum pendant light

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Canco Lighting is one of the main suppliers of Aluminium pendant light, we supply Aluminium pendant light with direct light, indirect light, direct+indirect light, outer light, inner light, these lights can be for home decorative, also can be for projects, welcome to contact us for any inquiry.

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circle hanging light

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